1G & 1S Tio D’Al’s Alternative Art 18.5.20

Hola todos! Hello everyone!

You have certainly had a creative weekend! I’m preparing my next Art lesson at the moment, showing examples of work from the Colour Wheel challenge, and different ways of applying paint, but I had to pause to show you this!

Jack and Emil from 1S have found other artists they prefer to Morisot and Monet. This is brilliant that you are showing a love of Art and are researching artists yourselves!


Jack has produced a wonderful version of a landscape by Wassily Kandinsky. A Russian painter known for his bright colours and abstract shapes. 👏 Fantastico!


Emil has looked at Georges  Seurat. He painted around the same time as Morisot and Monet. Seurat invented an Impressionistic style called “Pointilism”, which involved applying the paint in tiny little dots. Emil researched this technique too! 👏 Bravo!

Eleora has looked at different types of paintings, portraits as well as landscapes. Her self-portrait is done in the style of Berthe Morisot, using lots of calm colours. 👏Fabuloso!

Have you got a favourite painter? Perhaps you could have a go at painting a landscape or portrait in their style.

Send your work to:


Watch this space for my next Art lesson!

Adios a mis amigos! Goodbye my friends!

Tio D’Al xx🌟🎨


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