1G & 1S Tio D’Al’s Amazing Artists!! 🎨🖼 22.5.20

Hola Todos! Hello everyone!

Tio D’Al aqui! Uncle D’Al here!

I am amazed! Completely overwhelmed by the amount of artistic talent we have in 1G and 1S! During Mental Health Awareness Week, you have shown me kindness by sharing your wonderful work. Did you know painting is an activity that helps you focus and relax at the same time? It is a workout for your well-being , without you even having to think about it!

Jack in 1S has been researching even more artists. He has looked at the work of Roy Lichtenstein, a Pop Artist from the 1960s. A bit like Impressionist George Seurat, Lichtenstein used lots of  dots to create comic book style illustrations.

Wow you have understood the style well Jack! Look at the concentration on his face! 👏 Fantastico!

We have many mini Morisots and Monets too!

Lilly and Louisa took the ‘wash’ idea literally. They pegged their wet paintings to dry on the washing line before adding more detail to them!

👏👏 Bravo! Both of you!

Eleora has been inspired again! This time she’s used complimentary colours to recreate a scene from Monet’s garden.

I love the marks you have made using a range of tools! 👏 Fabuloso!

Here’s a few more pictures to remind you of all of the hard work my budding artists have put in this half term.


You should all be very proud of the fantastic paintings you have created. Your work is worthy of being on show at The Tate Gallery! Why don’t you have a look at their website for more arty activities?


As a half term challenge, why don’t you have a go at representing “Iris” using your excellent skills of observation and colour mixing techniques?


Send your marvellous masterpieces to:


Felices vacaciones! Happy holidays!

Adios a mis amigos! Goodbye my friends!

Tio D’Al xx 🌟🎨


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