1G & 1S Tio D’Al’s Painting p.3 14.5.20

Hola Todos! Hello everyone!

Soy yo otravez! It’s me again!

I’m thrilled that you have been practising your colours in Spanish and mixing Secondary colours. Eleora has been busy colour mixing and translating from English to Spanish! Fabuloso! 👏You can see her work here!       Colours

Fantastic work Noah, you were quick and accurate with your colour sums! I love that shade of purple💜, morado, that should come in useful, later in this lesson! (Noah is clearly enjoying this Art project and has already researched Monet’s work and techniques for his own brilliant interpretation of “Water Lillies”. Well done Noah!👏 I’ll share your fabulous painting at a later date!😉 I can’t keep up with you!)

For this next lesson we are going to explore texture as well as colour. Impressionist painters like Berthe Morisot and Claude Monet often worked outdoors. They wanted to capture the way light played on natural forms like clouds, trees, fields and lakes, so had to mix their paint quickly and apply it at speed. If you look close up at their work, it is quite bumpy and splodgy. From a distance your eyes cleverly mix the marks and colours together giving an “Impression” of the subject matter. This is why they were called “Impressionists”.


Photography was very new during the time the “Impressionists” lived and pictures could only be taken in black and white. Photographs couldn’t capture the mood or weather like paint can!
You can find more examples and information here:


Enough of the History lesson, let’s get messy!!!

First of all prepare your equipment and I suggest you protect your clothes and work surface for this!! Come on, wear your smock! (An old shirt, put on backwards will do.)

As well as your Primary colours, blue💙, azul, yellow💛, amarillo, red❤️, rojo,mixing saucer, water and brushes, hunt around for interesting objects to apply paint with. I’ve got a bottle top, washing up sponge, cork, from my “vino tinto”, a decorating brush and an old toothbrush! Please check with a grown up before you use them! 
To start with I am focusing on shades of green 💚, verde, my favourite colour, I wonder why?
I will only be using yellow💛, amarillo, and……………………………………………………………………………….

that’s right, blue💙,azul!

Through your Science work, you will have observed many shades of green in your garden or on your walks! Some greens are very light, almost yellow and some greens are very dark, close to blue.

Look at all of the different greens in this beautiful landscape photograph sent in by Josh S.! (If you wanted to, you could do this activity outdoors or collect lots of different shades of green before you start.) 

Eleora went on a plant and wildflower hunt. She found many shades of green in this super Science research work. Excellent observations Eleora, a skill that is important in both Science and Art!

Plant Hunt And Flower Drawing

Back to the painting!

Like you did with adding white and black in Lesson  1, I’m starting with yellow💛, amarillo and will be gradually adding tiny amounts of blue💙, azul.

Have fun with the different objects, what different textures can you make?

If you have tubes of paint, you can squirt the paints straight onto the paper and mix them on there, this is called “wet on wet”.

Which ways of mixing and applying paint do you like best? Which methods suit long grass? Tiny leaves?

Now you need to wash all of your equipment and change your water  before trying again with 2 different primary colours. How would you mix colours to paint “Iris”?

You might need to check your colour sums from the last lesson if you’re not sure.
Young Al sent me this picture of her in full bloom! Didn’t she turn out well?!

What happens to your colours if you add white? (blanco). Can you make an amazing sky with fluffy clouds?

Have a play about! Enjoy it! You are all brilliant artists! Me, young Al and your teachers look forward to seeing the results of your experimenting at:


Don’t forget to wash your equipment and put everything away where it belongs. (I don’t want you washing up or brushing your teeth with paint!)

Hasta la proxima! Until next time!

Adios a mis amigos! Good bye my friends!

Tio D’AL xx 🌟🎨

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