1G & 1S Tio D’Al’s Painting p.4 15.5.20

Hola todos! Hello everyone!

Tio D’Al aqui! Uncle D’Al here!

WOW!! 🤩 In all my years of being an artist and art teacher in Spain, I have never had such promising, enthusiastic students! You are quick learners, adventurous to explore and capable of using your imagination to create your own original ideas!

Robby collected many shades of green 💚 verde, from his garden to inspire his colour mixing. Can you see the way he arranged his leaves from dark to light? How clever!
He then went on to mix the other secondary colours to complete his rainbow 🌈 “arco iris”.

Can you remember their names?                           Fabuloso! 👏

Noah researched Claude Monet’s work and techniques on the internet.

He then used his research to create his own wonderful interpretation of “Bridge Over a Pond of Water Lillies”.

Can you see how he used masking tape to create the shape of the bridge?

Fantastico! 👏.        Spot the difference!

Josh S. was also inspired by this project, researching Monet’s paintings and observing the colours and techniques to create another marvellous version of the “Water Lilly Pond”.

He looks so relaxed in this photograph. Painting is brilliant for keeping a healthy mind!

Asombroso! Amazing!👏

I’m going to leave you with a bit of a challenge for the weekend based on the “Colour Wheel”.

The Colour Wheel is a continuous circle that shows how colours are related to each other. Black🖤 negro  and White ⚪️  blanco are not on the wheel, this is important to note, when we look at more Impressionist work next week.

Have a look at the order of the colours on the wheel and try and use Primary and Secondary colours to create your own. Don’t forget to keep cleaning your brush and changing the water!


Have a go! You can do it!

Hasta la proxima! Until next time!

Adios mis amigos! Good bye my friends!

Tio D’Al xx🌟🎨


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