1G&1S Tio D’Al’s Painting p.5 19.5.20

Hola todos! Hello everyone!

Tio D’Al aqui! Uncle D’Al here!

I’m overwhelmed with how well you are doing with your Art work. A challenge doesn’t seem to faze you! 
Noah and Robby were keen to get started on the Colour Wheel.


Robby’s brother Olly was also keen to have a go too! Welcome aboard Olly, young Al remembers going to your house when you were in Mrs Barker & Mrs Bentley’s class!

Fabuloso!! 👏👏 👏  Very accurate colour mixing, all of you!

Eleora has certainly been exploring her arty image! Painting outdoors on an easel, wearing an art tabard, she looks like a true professional! Just like Berthe Morisot, she applied and mixed the paint in an expressive way, using a range of tools, creating an Impressionistic image of Roseberry Topping. 

Fantastico! 👏

Today we are going to look at two paintings in detail. One by Berthe Morisot and one by Claude Monet. Have your Colour Wheel handy, or refer to these to help you.


You can have a go at recreating one or both of these pictures using the techniques we have already practised.

“Landscape”, Berthe Morisot.                         “Irises in Monet’s Garden in Giverny”, Claude Monet.

The marks are similar but can you see the difference in the colours used?
Morisot uses more shades of green💚, verde, blue 💙, azul  and yellow💛, amarillo .These colours are  close to each other on the colour wheel, these are called ‘harmonious’ colours .

Monet uses lots of bright colours that are opposite each other on the colour wheel, like blue💙, azul and orange 🧡 , naranja. These are called ‘complimentary’ colours.

Let’s start with Morisot’s landscape.

You will need:

💙 blue, azul paint

💛 yellow, amarillo paint 

⚪️ white, blanco paint

❤️ a tiny bit of red, rojo paint
A variety of tools, a mixing saucers, water and kitchen paper.


I’m going to start with what we call a ‘wash’. A light , quite runny colour to cover the whole page.

I’m mixing yellow💛 amarillo and white ⚪️ blanco.


If it’s too runny you can dab the paper with kitchen paper so it dries quickly.

Next mix a bold green 💚verde, using yellow💛 amarillo and some blue💙 azul. Use your tools to make quick marks. 

To darken your green add more blue.


To lighten it add yellow and/or white.

Can you see there are some tiny marks of brown🌰, marron? Add a tiny bit of red to your green and use a smaller tool to add shadows.

Ta Dah! Aqui!

Now Monet’s garden!

You will need:

❤️ red, rojo paint

💙 blue, azul paint

💛 yellow, amarillo paint

⚪️ white, blanco paint

A variety of painting tools, mixing saucers, water and kitchen paper 

Start by mixing a bold green💚, verde using yellow 💛, amarillo and a little blue 💙 azul.

Splodge your green in the right hand corner, middle section and top of your paper.


Clean your brush and change your water. Now mix a bold purple 💜 morado using red❤️ rojo and blue 💙 azul, make sure you have some white⚪️ blanco ready.
Paint the purple 💜 morado on top of the green 💚 verde at the bottom of the page. Add some white over the top of the purple while it is still wet.

Clean your brush and change your water again. Mix orange🧡 naranja using yellow💛 amarillo and red❤️ rojo. Use this to create the path and tree trunks. Add some red ❤️ rojo on top of the orange 🧡 naranja ,while it is still wet to create some shadows.

When it is dry, go back over some of your greens and purples to add a bit more detail.

Ta dah! Aqui! These were very quick “impressions” I might go back over some areas when it is completely dry.

Have a go at your own versions like Jack, Emil, Eleora, Joshua S. and Noah have.

Send them to:


Adios a mis amigos! Good bye my friends!

Tio D’Al xx 🌟🎨

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