1G&1S Tio D’Al’s Painting pt. 1 30.4.20

Hola todos!!Hello everyone!!

I hope you have been impressing everyone at home with your Spanish! You can practise more using this link.

t-pp-001-spanish-what-is-your-name-powerpoint_ver_2 2

On with the colour mixing! We can learn some colours in Spanish alongside painting. As you can see I always wear my art smock when painting, it keeps me clean and puts me in an artistic mood, along  with my jaunty beret and stylish moustache!  Perhaps you could wear a special outfit or create an “arty” image for yourself to inspire your creativity?

💙 Blue = Azul

💛 Yellow = Amarillo(Amareeyo)

❤️ Red = Rojo (Roco)

🖤 Black= Negro (Naygrow)

⚪️ White = Blanco

Start as young Al did, by preparing your blue (azul), yellow (amarillo) and red (rojo) on one saucer and your black (negro) and white ( blanco) on another saucer. I always have a  clean saucer to mix on. I do have another saucer, but that is my flying one! 🛸

In the middle of your paper, label the colours you are starting with. Paint a block of the starting colour next to your label.

Add a little white, blanco, to the yellow, amarillo , on your mixing saucer. Paint a block of this new colour above the original colour. Keep adding white and paint a block of each new colour above, until you have a very light yellow.

You must clean your brush and saucer now, to start back with the original yellow colour. Now you can start adding a tiny bit of black, negro, and follow the same process below your starting colour. 

Clean your saucer and brush again to start using red, rojo. Change your water too, otherwise the colours can become “muddy”.

Finally blue, azul! Remember to clean your equipment and change your water!

Ta dah! Aqui! Voila!

I hope young Al and all of my friends in 1S & 1G find this easy to follow.

You can practise saying these colours and more in Spanish by following this link.

T-T-6069-Spanish-Colours-Powerpoint_ver_1 2

Don’t forget, you can send pictures of your work for Al and your teachers at:


I will be back next week with some more painting tips!

Adios a mis amigos! Good bye my friends!

Tio D’Al xx 🌟🎨

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