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On Monday we went to St Matthew and St Luke's Church in Darlington to experience The Christmas Journey. We learnt about the Creation Story and why God sent Jesus to earth at Christmas. We 'met' Mary, Angel Gabriel and the animals in the stable. Some of us even got dressed up as shepherds and Wise Men! We all really enjoyed the trip, especially the coach journey!





The children used magnifying glasses to observe different seeds. We noticed the size, shape and colour of each one. We also looked at the (dead) flower of a very big sunflower and were amazed to see all the seeds in the middle!





Last week (when it wasn't raining!) the children planted daffodil bulbs as part of their work in Science. In class we looked at the inside of a bulb, watched a time lapse video of a daffodil growing, looked at the life cycle of a daffodil then went outside to plant the bulbs. The children were all very excited to plant a bulb each and can't wait to see them growing in the Spring!





Autumn 2 Homework




As part of our work in English we looked at the Percy the Park keeper series of books. We drew and cut out our characters, designed our background then cut a slit for the characters to move along. We really enjoyed making our 'moving pictures'.



We really enjoyed our Art lesson yesterday which was linked to Black History Month. We looked at the British textile artist, Althea McNish who was born in Trinidad and Tobago and moved to London in 1950. She went to the Royal College of Art  and produced some very colourful textile work inspired by plants, flowers and animals. We created our own colourful 'tile' using the wax resist technique. We were really pleased with the results!




WB 16.10.23

Looking for micro habitats

In Science this week, we went for a walk around the KS1 playground looking for micro habitats. We found worms, woodlice, snails and slugs hiding under logs, bricks, wood, pots and rocks. They like to live in damp dark places. We made sure we put the log, pot or rock back afterwards to keep their shelter secure.



18.10.23  Treasure Hunt!

As part of our work in English we have read The Treasure Hunt, a Percy the Park Keeper book by Nick Butterworth. We were invited to go on a Treasure Hunt starting in the courtyard. We found a clue which said 'A place to work' so we went to the classroom. The next clue said 'A place to play' so we went to the playground. We ended up outside the library where we found some treasure (gold chocolate coins!) We all had great fun on our treasure hunt!



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Here is the Curriculum newsletter for this term which gives a brief outline of the areas of learning to be covered. Also the homework for this half term. Your child will bring home their Homework Book on Friday.


Curriculum Newsletter - Autumn 23

Homework - Autumn 1






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Spring Term

Year 2 Curriculum Newsletter

Spring Term 1 Homework


8.2.23 As part of Children's Mental Health Week, we read the story, The Invisible String by Patrice Karst. This is a lovely story which shares the idea that we are all joined to our loved ones by an invisible string no matter where we are in the country/world. This generated some lovely discussion with the children and they produced a beautiful heart showing who they are joined to by their invisible string.

8.2.23 In our RE lessons we have been learning about the religion of Islam. We looked at the features of a mosque and how Muslims pray on a special prayer mat. We all had the chance to kneel on the prayer mat and look at the beautiful patterns on it.


 Autumn Term

Year 2 Curriculum newsletter

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