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Hello everyone, here is the work for Thursday.


Use the powerpoints previously posted to help you complete the worksheet. Choose a multiple of 10 and a one digit number to combine together to make a 2 digit number



Watch the whole story of Winnie Flies Again on You tube (see the link on yesterday’s post). 

What is the problem? Orally retell the story using sentence openers as prompts.

First, next, then, after that, finally

What is the resolution? (How is the problem solved?) Recognise the recurring literary language. Record the different ways that Winnie travelled and why they didn’t work.  Discuss other different ways that Winnie could travel and the problems she might have. What could we turn the broomstick into? E.g. a hot air balloon but it became tangled in a tall tree. A huge sailing ship but it was thrown around in an angry storm. A fast rocket but it was too fast and crashed into the moon. Write a sentence using the conjunction ‘but’ – children to choose their own transport and record the problem. 

Winnie new transport



The Creation Story

Watch the powerpoint, then fill in what happened on each day of the Creation on the worksheet.




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