2S – Home learning

Hello home learners, here is your work for Friday.


Continue to work on partitioning 2 digit numbers into tens and ones  eg, 56 = 50 + 6

2 digit arrow partitioning


Reread the story of Winnie flies again. (see previous You tube link). Look at the story of Room on the Broom on the powerpoint. 

Room-on the broom

Using the two Witch stories, think about designing Winnie a new broomstick.

What colour is it? List any special features that it has. What can it do?

Activity – Draw and label the new broomstick for Winnie, then describe what it looks like and what it can do in detail.

Design a new broomstick for Winnie


Use BBC Supermovers or do some form of physical exercise.



Go through the powerpoint, then sort the pictures into alive, dead, never alive.

Living things sorting LA

living things – pictures to sort


Here is your phonics and maths homework, based on this week’s work.

Phonics Homework – week 2- ae – further spellings

Maths Homework week 2 Place value

Have a lovely weekend

Mrs Lyonette

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