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 Curriculum Newsletter Autumn 2023


Autumn Term 2 Homework


Artwork in 3G

In our history lessons, we are learning about the cave paintings which were found in France, dating back to the Stone Age. As part of our artwork, we are going to create our own cave paintings. We went outside to explore how we could make colours using only natural materials such as grass, petals, wood, chalk and sticks, as well as making rubbings using stones and different surfaces.

 Pictures of art work


Cave Paintings


We have been working as historians and looking at some cave paintings from the Stone Ages. We used these paintings as clues to help us find out information about life in the Stone Ages.

We then used the paintings to help us work as artists and create and design our own ‘Cave Art’.



























GMI Construction Visit 08.06.23

The children were visited today by Miss Green who works for local construction company GMI. The children had an excellent time using uncooked spaghetti sticks and marshmallows to build and put together different structures. 

This is hopefully the beginning of a future partnership with this company. We have lots of activities planned as well as GMI attending our careers fair in July. 

Here are some images of 3G working on their projects this afternoon. 








Science Investigation 03.05.23

Today the children carried out a Science investigation to find what makes plants grow well. The children planted Dwarf French Bean seeds into 3 different plant pots. The children then thought of 3 different places to keep the pots which would provide different conditions that could effect the growth of the plant. We will continue to observe the plants to see how they grow and draw comparisons. 

Below are a few photos of us setting up the experiment -





Homework - Summer Term

Here is a copy of the Homework for the Summer Term. These activities have been chosen in light of our topics we will be studying this half term. Some of the activities require extra information which can be found on the class page on Dojo. 

Homework Summer 2

Summer Homework



Summer Curriculum Newsletter 

Here is a sneak peak at what the children in 3G will be learning about this Summer Term. Homework and spellings for this half term can be accessed on 3G's Dojo page. 

Summer Term Curriculum Newsletter


 Science Investigation 

The children had a great time in Science today. We were investigating whether children with longer femurs would be able to jump further. 6 children volunteered to have their femur's measured and then to jump as far as they could! The children needed to make sure the investigation was fair and results were reliable. After carrying out our investigation, we evaluated what we did and if we were to do it again, what we could change to make it fairer. 

Here are some photos of us carrying out the investigation - 



Happy Mother's Day! 

3G worked hard to create a lovely Mother's Day card in school this week and were very excited to take home and share it with someone special. The children used coloured paper for quilling and scrunched up tissue paper to form the petals. Take a look at the photos below showing the process - 






World Book Day 02.03.23

3G have a had lovely day exploring the Mr Men and Little Miss books. We have learnt how to draw Mr Bump and then created our own Mr Men character. We continued this theme throughout the day resulting in us each creating our own short story around the character we had created. The children have enjoyed dressing up and showing everyone their costumes and books. Here are some photographs of the fantastic costumes.



KAPLA Clubs - STEM Workshop 

On Wednesday 15th February, the children were visited in school by Jennifer from KAPLA Clubs. The children were given KAPLA blocks and worked hard to build fantastic structures following Jennifer's instructions. The children thoroughly enjoyed their time building and watching as their impressive builds took shape. 3G built a great long bridge. We were also visited by some parents who came in to help too. Here are some photos of what we were able to create. For more photos, please follow the link below. 




Pedestrian Training 

The children had another fantastic pedestrian training session today. The children braced the cold and went off to learn all about road safety. Today they focussed on reaching the 'island' that splits the road. They practiced looking right to reach the island and then looking left to reach the path. Here is a picture of some of the class in their high-vis vests. 




Today was our last session with our dance instructor Chloe. We have had such fun learning our whole class routine and our partner routines over the last 5 weeks. Today, we performed for the last time and put together our movements, transitions and sequences that we have been working on during this half term. 

Here are some photos from the last performances - 









3G had a visit from the Mini Police again this week! They had a go at trying on the uniform and looking at the important parts to protect officers! Have a look below at the things the children tried on. 






PE- Dance

3G have had another fantastic lesson with Dance Project and instructor Chloe! The children have been using the theme of 'clocks' and putting together routines to music in pairs and independently. The children have picked this up brilliantly and have thoroughly enjoyed their dance lessons. Here are some photos showing what we have been up to. 







3G had a brilliant time using chalk and charcoal to recreate some artwork. The children looked closely at the Dappled Horse of Peche Merle, a cave painting dating back 25,000 BCE. The children recreated the 4 meter cave painting using chalk outside. We then had a close look at the handprints we could see, we had a go making our own handprints using charcoal and smudging techniques in our books. 



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