3G Home Learning 23.10.20

Happy Friday everyone!

Here is the home learning for today. 

For maths, the children need to complete the mental maths paper attached. The answers are also attached to help mark. A lot of what is in the test we have not covered in class yet, but we do this every Friday to show progression as we cover more topics. 

PATTs Maths 23.10.20

For literacy, I would like the children to write an acrostic poem using one of the words from the title ‘George’s Marvellous Medicine’ they can do all 3 if they would like!

I have attached a powerpoint if you are unsure on acrostic poems. As an added challenge, the children can try to introduce rhyme to their poems. 

Acrostic Poem Ppt


Finally for topic today, I would like the children to complete a science experiment. If this cannot be done today for resources, this might be a nice activity over half term. 

I am attaching the worksheet that will help guide the experiment, lists equipment and somewhere to record results. I am also attaching slides to explain what the children are testing for and different ideas to discuss. For rocks to use I would suggest ones easy t get your hands on, brick, slate, sandstone, chalk, limestone. 

Experiment Worksheet

Rock slides

Well done f0r this week everybody! Enjoy your half term.


Miss Parkington

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