3G Homework and Spellings 21.10.20


As promised, here are the spellings and homework for this week.
For homework, following on from today’s science topic, I would like the children to make their own mini compost bin.
I will attach ‘adult guidance’ and the instructions in order to complete this. In the instructions it suggests cutting the bottom of a large bottle, however, if this is unavailable to you, please use a zip-lock freezer bag. As the week goes on, please photograph the progression of your compost bin and send in. I look forward to seeing your projects!

instructions for compost bin

homework 21.10.20 adult guidance – compost bin

For spellings, I have attached the groups separately, please select your child’s group and learn the spellings attached to that group.

group 1 spellings 21.10.20

group 2 spellings 21.10.20

group 3 spellings 21.10.20

group 4 spelling 21.10.20

Thank you,

Miss Parkington

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