4/5S English Lessons

Good afternoon Class 4/5S,

I hope you are all making progress with the learning grid and the Maths work set last week, as well as completing some time on Lexia and Mathletics. Mrs Wilson has informed me that many of you have certificates for these waiting at school and I can hopefully inform those of you who have these when I’m in school tomorrow. 

Linked below are some literacy lessons for this week, created by an online learning platform. There is no need to register or sign in to be able to access the content, although I do believe that an email address may be necessary to access some of the Google Slides that form part of the lessons. 

For both year groups please follow the lessons in the order they are presented. They are designed to be completed on a one per day basis but, especially for the first couple of lessons, you may be able to complete more in one sitting if you wish. Both sets of lessons culminate with you creating your own piece of writing, which I’d love to read once it is completed by sending it to the ks2@stgeorges.darlington.sch.uk email address. 

For Year 4, the focus is one Newspaper reports. Over the course of the week you’ll learn more about the terminology used to describe the different features and how they can be used accurately. 

Year 4 English Lessons


For Year 5, your lessons focus on persuasive letters (you’ll need to scroll down slightly to access these as there are several lessons on the page). Over the course of the week you’l learn more about the type of language that is used and some good ways of improving the types of punctuation you use in your writing. 

Year 5 English Lessons

I hope you enjoy the lessons and I look forward to seeing the writing that is produced later in the week.

Kind Regards,
Mr Clarke

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