4/5S Fractions Work and Maths Challenges

Happy Monday everyone,

I’ve uploaded some Maths booklets below to work on for the next week or so. The booklets cover all the work we did on Fractions earlier in the year and provide some good revision. To improve understanding and confidence, I would advise looking at the work book from the year group below first. 

Year 3 Fractions

Year 4 Fractions

Year 5 Fractions

The answer booklets for these are uploaded below:

Year 3 Answers

Year 4 Answers

Year 5 Answers

I’ve also uploaded a ‘Challenge’ booklet, filled with number problems that require children to think a little deeper about their Maths. I would love to see any solutions the children find for these emailed to the ks2@stgeorges.darlington.sch.uk email address.

Maths Challenges

Enjoy and Stay Safe,

Mr Clarke

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