4/5S Learning Booklets

I hope everyone is keeping well and managing to understand the new regulations that come into force today.

Below are some learning booklets which are aimed to help mainly with the revision of subjects already covered, however they will also contain some work which extend a concept we’ve already covered. 

Year 5 Booklet

Year 4 Booklet

Depending on the subject, you may need to go back to revise what you will have done in previous years to refresh your memory. You’ve now been out of traditional schooling for a significant amount of time so don’t feel like this suggests anything other than you needing to remind yourself. If you’re a Year 5, please refer to the Year 4 booklet initially (don’t worry if need to look back further on certain topics) and for Year 4 children the booklet below will allow for revision.

Year 3 Revision Booklet 


All answers can be checked using the links below:

Year 5 Answers

Year 4 Answers

Year 3 Answers

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Mr Clarke

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