4/5S Mathletics Free Practise

Hi all,

I have done some spring cleaning on Mathletics and removed any previously assigned work that had been left incomplete. I was aware that in some cases certain activities weren’t clearing and it was making it impossible for children to access the free play area and Mathletics live tasks. I will keep Mathletics open to use for those purposes for the next few days and then begin setting some work based on the time booklets that were sent out last week. 

Please take this opportunity to use the Mathletics Live function to practise times tables and enjoy learning them whilst competing against other children around the world. 

There have been some instances of the Mathletics website struggling with the demand it is receiving. In some cases it appears as if it is rejecting passwords but please be assured none of the passwords have changed and unfortunately it’s just an intermittent issue that seems to be occurring. 

Keep busy and stay safe,
Mr Clarke 

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