4/5S Maths (Angles)

Good afternoon Class 4/5S,

A few Maths lessons from BBC Bitesize to follow will help you revise much of the work we did on angles way back when school was normal!


For the Year 4s, this string of lessons looks at identifying angles and progresses to comparisons and using knowledge of angles to classify types of triangles:


Identifying angles

Comparing and ordering angles

Identifying triangles by their angles


For the Year 5 children, the focus is on measuring angles using a protractor, recognising different types of angles and estimating the number of degrees and applying this to solve problems.


Measuring angles

Calculating angles on a straight line

Finding more angles


If you need to revise more on angles before attempting the challenges, the website directs you to some materials which will assist you in understanding what you need to complete them. 

I hope everyone is well and is happy with the class information for next year that you will all be receiving in the coming days.

Mr Clarke

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