4/5S Maths: Time Booklets

Good afternoon,

For Maths this week, the plan is to move on to studying time. It is always difficult teaching time even in a regular classroom due to children having different starting points and experience with telling the time.  Having spent time looking over the worksheets and things I could have uploaded, there isn’t really a way I could upload a small number of sheets and have them be worthwhile for all the children to be accessing.

Therefore, uploaded below are complete workbooks for both Year 4 and Year 5. Please try and ensure your child begins at a suitable starting point which allows them to reinforce what they already know and then allows them to progress through the booklets from that point in. If it is necessary, please allow your child to access the booklet from the Year below if that would help them to revise some ideas before moving forwards. This is often the case when working with time and for this reason I have also included the Year 3 Booklet in case it is necessary.


Year 3 Booklet

Year 4 Booklet

Year 5 Booklet

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