4G Home learning 06/01/21


I hope you are all well. Here is the home learning for today (Wednesday 06/01).


Today we are going to look at our new book ‘The Butterfly Lion’ by Michael Morpurgo. Look at the photo of the front cover and answer these questions.

Who is the author of the book? 

Who is Christian Birmingham  and what does his job involve?

Read the blurb (next photo). From the blurb can you recognise who the main characters are? Does the blurb tell you where the story is set? If so where?

The following link is an online version of the 1st chapter. Please read the 1st page entitled ‘Chilblains and Semolina Pudding’.


After reading the blurb and the first page of the book what are your opinions of the book?

Do you want to continue reading it? Why?

Does the book raise any questions for you? For example, What is a Butterfly Lion? Write down a minimum of 3 questions about the book that you wish to find out. As we go through the book hopefully your questions will be answered.

To finish please read the remaining extract (2 chapters) from the above link.


Please work through the following slides on the attached links.

http://Spr4.2.1 – Multiply 2-digits by 1-digit (1) on Vimeo

http://Spr4.2.3 – Multiply 3-digits by 1-digit on Vimeo

Here are the worksheets to complete (only complete one worksheet). The 1st worksheet is the easiest and they get harder as they go on. The children know which worksheet they should be completing. If your child finds the work too easy chose a harder one next time and if your child is struggling please chose an easier one next time. 

Wednesday  (1)

Wednesday  (2)

Wednesday  (3)

Wednesday  (4)

I am also attaching a multiplication grid as support for those completing sheet 1.

t-n-017-multiplication-square_ver_2 (1)

Topic – History

This term is topic. Please see the attached sheet for this afternoons task (It was going to be a homework activity this week).

Copy of roman Homework.docx


In class we will be recapping ‘What is respectful behaviour?’ and what it means to be polite and courteous. The children will be making a ‘Thank you’ card and a poster demonstrating ways of being respectful towards others.


All work can be uploaded onto dojo or emailed through to ks2@stgeorges.darlington.sch.uk.

Any questions please do no hesitate to contact us, either on the dojo or by ks2@stgeorges.darlington.sch.uk.

Stay safe,

Mrs Davidson and Mrs Wallis 

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