4G Home learning 08/01/20


Here is today’s home learning.


Work through the power point.


The next link will have 3 worksheets. You only need to complete 1 worksheet. Each worksheet is 1 page. The level of difficulty increases the higher the question numbers. For example, questions 9-12 are the hardest. 



The following sheet is an information sheet on how to multiply and divide by 10.

Maths instructions

First task is to complete a multiplication by 10 worksheet. If you feel you need practice please complete the 1st sheet. If you feel confident please complete the second sheet.

Friday – LA and SEN

Friday – HA and MA – Copy

I am also attaching a place value grid if you need the extra support.

Place value grid – Copy

The final activity in maths is to complete the following worksheet. 

Friday – HA – Copy


Here is today’s rock star sheet.

Rock star


I am attaching a power point of our new science topic. Please read through.

Lesson Presentation Solid Liquid or Gas

Please complete both worksheets. The first one is regarding properties of a solid, liquid and gas. The second is an activity is about what you have at home.

Definitions worksheet 1

Identifying Solids, liquids and gases WS

I hope to record some mini videos tomorrow morning and post them on here about our science topic.

Any questions do not hesitate to email us at ks2@stgeorges.darlington.sch.uk or on the DOJO app.

Stay safe,

Mrs Davidson and Mrs Wallis

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