4G Home Learning 11.1.21

Hello everyone,

I hope you all are having a lovely weekend and are ready to start our second week of home learning.

If you are having any problems accessing home learning or you have any queries/concerns, please do get in touch with us. Mrs Davidson and myself are very proud of the work the children have been producing over the past week. We just wanted to remind you that all the work that is being set as home learning is mirrored from the classroom. So, please rest assured that your child is still accessing their school work.

This weeks’ time table – again please note that this is only a guide to help structure your day. The times and lessons can be swapped around to best suit you and your child.















Start of school day: 9:05 9:05 9:05 9:05 9:05
Morning ‘wake up’ PE with Joe Wicks 9:00-9:20am


Yoga PE with Joe Wicks 9:00-9:20am


Yoga PE with Joe Wicks 9:00-9:20am




English English English English English
Break: 10:00 -10:15 10:00 -10:15 10:00 -10:15 10:00 -10:15 10:00 -10:15












Afternoon: Independent reading

Times table rockstars

Independent reading


Times table rockstars



Independent reading


Times table rockstars


Independent reading


Times table rockstars

Independent reading


Times table rockstars


Break: 2:00-2:15 2:00-2:15 2:00-2:15 2:00-2:15  



Afternoon     RE        Topic      PSHE  Science        PE



Monday 11.1.21 Home Learning:

Joe Wicks ‘wake up’

Joe Wicks is starting his live YouTube PE workouts again. They will be every Monday, Wednesday and Friday 9:00-9:20am. A great way to start the day before a day of home learning. I am sure the children will really enjoy doing these at home (as will the children in school).

On the following days please log on to YouTube and search ‘PE with Joe’, it will be live from 9:00am on the days above.



For English we are continuing with our work around the Butterfly Lion. I would like you to use the link provided below to listen to chapters 5 and 6 from the novel. Once you have listened to these chapters’ today’s task is based around speech marks/inverted commas.

The Butterfly Lion Chapters 5 & 6 | Michael Morpurgo | Chichester Festival Theatre – YouTube

I have attached a PowerPoint below to help you please read through this before completing today’s task.


There are 3 different worksheets today that require you to add in missing punctuation devices as well as the omitted speech marks. The worksheets gradually get harder so please choose an activity that is most suitable to your child.

Worksheet 1

Worksheet 2

Worksheet 3 



This week we are continuing with multiplication. Now the children are familiar with the formal written method of column multiplication this week we will begin to use and apply our understanding with problem solving and reasoning.

Today’s task is around multiplying by 100. On Friday the children were very successful at multiplying by 10. Today, we will be looking at multiplying by 100.

Please watch the following video below that models and explains the theory behind multiplying by 100. When we multiply by 100 each digit within our place value grid moves two places to the left – which is why we add two zeros onto the end of our answers. It is important that your child understands this theory fully. 

Below are three different worksheets that increase with challenge. Please choose an activity that is most suitable for your child. I have attached a challenge this can be completed as an extension to learning. I have also attached a place value grid to use as a support device for completing the questions within worksheet 1 and 2. 

Aut4.10.2 – Multiply by 100 on Vimeo

Maths Worksheet 1 

Maths Worksheet 2 

Maths challenge 

Maths place value grid to support multiplication 


Independent reading:

Please continue with reading as much as you can at home. It can be a non-fiction, poetry or fiction book. Try and get your child reading for at least 20 minutes a day if you can. This can be at any time of the day.


Times Table Rockstars:

We will be continuing with times table rockstars every day again to consolidate and secure those all important times table skills. This week we are going to be consolidating our 6 and 7 times tables. Please use the links below to watch these times tables as practise.

KS2 Maths: The 6 Times Table with Fred the Red – BBC Teach

KS2 Maths: The 7 Times Table with Moonbeam – BBC Teach   




We are starting a new unit in RE called ‘Gospel.’ As we are a Church of England school we always do RE on a Monday afternoon.

Activity one:

  • I would like you to sketch your three favourite possessions. Underneath, list in order the things that you do on a regular weekday.
  • Read the story of the calling of the first disciples (Matthew 4:18–19). I would like you to pick out what Jesus asks Peter and Andrew to do. Explain that by following Jesus, Peter and Andrew would be giving up a lot. Look back at your sketches and lists – how would you feel if you were asked to give up so much? Jot down the emotions you would have. Imagine giving up so much by symbolically getting rid of their possessions and daily routines (for example, rubbing sketches and lists out/ screwing the paper up).

Biblical story – Calling of the first disciples

Activity two:

  • Look closely at the role of Peter and Andrew. I would like you to put yourself in the shoes of Peter and Andrew – what might they have been thinking on hearing Jesus’ words – writing on the fish speech bubble shapes the thoughts that Peter and Andrew might have had. The word ‘gospel’ means good news. Peter and Andrew must have thought that Jesus was good news.

Fish speech bubble shapes 

Take care,

Mrs Wallis and Mrs Davidson 

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