4G Home Learning 12.1.20

Hello everyone, 

Please find attached tomorrow’s home learning. 

Tuesday 12th January


To get us all up and moving here is a link to today’s wake up activity – yoga. I hope you enjoy it! 

Minecraft | A Cosmic Kids Yoga Adventure! – YouTube


Today’s focus in English is around using different alternatives for ‘said’. When we used ‘said’ in our speech work it can get very repetitive and does not give a true representation to how a person or character may be feeling. Today’s activities involves two parts. 

Said, Said, Said.

Read the following examples of direct speech.

Paul said, “I have scored a goal.”

“I miss my mum,” said Tina

“I want to go home,” said Bob

Sharon said, “I am so excited!”.

“What time is it?” said Amy. 

“I can’t believe I got all my spellings right!” said Adam. 

1st activity

 List as many words as you can instead of ‘said’. For example, whisper. You should be able to come up with quite a comprehensive list of alternatives. 

2nd  activity

Re write the sentences at the top of the page with an alternative for ‘said’ you have found in activity 1.



In maths today we are going to be basing our work around the ‘product’. Have you  heard of the word product before? Do you know what it means?

The product is the answer you get when you multiply two numbers together.  Today we are going to focus on enhancing our skills in finding the product of our 6 and 7 times table multiplication. 

There are two activities to complete in today’s lesson. You can find these below they are around finding the product of our 6 and 7 times table – extra practise for our work on Times Table Rockstars also! 

7 times table worksheet

6 times table worksheet

PowerPoint for 7 times table 

PowerPoint for 6 times table 

Independent reading:

Please continue with reading as much as you can at home. It can be a non-fiction, poetry or fiction book. Try and get your child reading for at least 20 minutes a day if you can. This can be at any time of the day.

Times Table Rockstars:

We will be continuing with times table rockstars again today consolidating our 6 and 7 times tables. Please use the links below to watch these times tables as practise.


KS2 Maths: The 6 Times Table with Fred the Red – BBC Teach 

KS2 Maths: The 7 Times Table with Moonbeam – BBC Teach

Topic – History, The Romans: 

Today in topic we are going to be starting our lesson by sharing our research homework in school. At home you can do this by sharing your research with a family relative (you live with) or if you would like you could send a video in to ks2@stgeorges.darlington.sch.uk of you reading some interesting facts you found out. Myself and the children who are in school would really love to see this! 

Main activity: 

Roman Timeline – as part of our work as historians we need to be able to order key dates and events in chronological order. Today’s lesson is based all around this objective. Below I have attached a blank timeline (with dates on). You also have a worksheet with some of the key events within the Roman timeline. I would like you to order these events chronologically. You may want to print this out if you have a printer if not ordering them via the DOJO app using the pen tool would also work. 

Once you have finished ordering the events using your own research are there any other key dates or events you feel need to be added to the timeline? As an extension of learning you can also choose one of the key events to research and find more information about. 


Timeline events to order 

Take care and please get in touch with any queries/concerns. I look forward to seeing the children’s work. 

Mrs Wallis and Mrs Davidson 

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