4G Home learning 13/11/20

Good morning,

Please find attached work for today. This is only for those who are off due to covid related matters.


In English we are making Frobscottle and then recording the instructions onto a worksheet. I do realise that you may not have cream soda, green food colouring or popping candy at home. Therefore I am attaching the English homework to complete. I have also attached the instructions checklist from yesterday.

Writing Instructions template

Instructions Checklist


Today we are looking at how to measure angles. For this you will need a protractor. The first worksheet is to decide which angle is greater and use the symbols < > or =. We have covered these symbols in previous lessons but as a rule the mouth is always open at the larger number. Then there is a power point on how to measure angles and then a worksheet to complete by measuring angles.

Friday – starter activity for all class

Friday – how to use a protractor

Friday – MA and HA – measuring angles

If you do not own a protractor then please spend some time on times tables rockstars and mathlectics.


This afternoon in Science we are looking at animal classifications. I am attaching a power point – please read through until slide 11. Then complete the worksheets by sorting the animals into groups.  


classifying animals pciture worksheet

animals for classification

After the first activity activity we will be looking at classification keys. Please look at slides 13-16 of the 1st power point and then go through the second power point. Activity is to complete the classification key worksheet. 



Enjoy your weekend,

Mrs Davidson



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