4G Home Learning 19.1.21

Hello everyone, Please find attached tomorrow’s home learning. 

Tuesday 19th January

Just Dance:

To get us all up and moving here are two links to today’s wake up activity – just dance! 

Just Dance 2018 • Waka Waka (Football Version) – YouTube

Just Dance 2014 – Ghostbusters (Classic 5 Stars) PS4 – YouTube



Today’s focus in English is around the ‘Butterfly Lion.’ We are going to begin planning for a debate.  Does you know what a debate is? It is a discussion where we consider different points of view. Considering different points of view creates a balanced argument.

I would like you to explore the following philosophical question – Should the white lion cub join the circus?

A philosophical question does not have a correct of an incorrect answer. It is purely down to a matter of self opinion. 

When exploring the following question, Who’s opinions should we consider? Your own- you may have an opinion on circus’/ animals being in the wild, Bertie’s opinion, his Mum’s opinion, his Dad’s opinion and the Frenchman’s opinion. 

Activity- fill in worksheet, noting arguments for and against the white cub lion joining the circus.

Chapter 5 and 6 for your records



Today in maths we are continuing with fractions. The focus of today’s lesson is learning about tenths – tenths, means out of 10. In fractions a tenth means out of 10. For example: 2/10 – 2 out of 10. 

To support today’s maths lesson please use the first of today’s links provided below before completing activity 1. 

Tenths – Year 4 – P5 – Maths – Catch Up Lessons – Home Learning with BBC Bitesize – BBC Bitesize

Activity 1: 

After watching the content on the first weblinks above I would like you to apply your understanding to label the corresponding tenths on the worksheet. 

Tenths sheet 1

Activity 2:

Now please use the second weblink below which explains the relationship between fractions and decimals. Watch the video before completing activity 2. 

Converting tenths to decimals – KS2 Maths – BBC Bitesize

Activity two – there are two sheets within this attachment. The second task is a challenge. 

Below is an extension should you want to complete any further practise. Please note, there is no expectation for the extensions and challenges to be complete. 


Challenge – application workshee


Independent reading:

Please continue with reading as much as you can at home. It can be a non-fiction, poetry or fiction book. Try and get your child reading for at least 20 minutes a day if you can. This can be at any time of the day. 

Times Table Rockstars:

We will be continuing with times table rockstars every day again to consolidate and secure those all-important times table skills. This week we are going to be consolidating our 8 times tables. Please use the link below to watch the 8 times table as practise.

KS2 Maths: The 8 Times Table with Filbert Fox – BBC Teach



Today we are going to be looking at self portraits. To start off today’s lesson I would like you to get a mirror and do a self portrait of yourself using pencil and paper. Don’t worry to much about this it is a ‘cold’ self-portrait, try your best. 

Now I would like you to use the link provided below which is a tutorial video – step by step of how to draw a self-portrait. Take your time with this task it may be appropriate to keep pausing the video so you don’t need to rush. You need to click on the link below and select video number 9, self-portraits found at the bottom of the page when you scroll down. 

#DrawWithRob — Rob Biddulph

Once you have finished your portrait compare your ‘cold’ self portrait (no modelling) to your new self-portrait. 

Please send it your pictures when you have completed your art work – I really look forward to seeing them!

Take care and please get in touch with any queries/concerns.

Mrs Wallis and Mrs Davidson 

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