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Monday 9.11.20


Complete this weeks spelling test and work through any corrections making note of any misconceptions. If you could please send me an email with your child’s score that would be appreciated.

Here are the spellings to be tested on. (These are the spellings that were uploaded to DOJO last Wednesday).

Spelling activity:

Using your spellings put them into contextually accurate sentences. Underline your spelling within each sentence and ensure that capital letters and punctuation are used.


Last week we looked at the properties of quadrilaterals and the different types we can have. Today, I would like you to apply your understanding to reason and problem solve. I have attached two worksheets below and a PPT to support the input.

Sheet 1

Sheet 2

PPT for Maths

Maths – Rockstar Times tables:

We are now revising our 5 times table. Please find the sheet below to complete in a timed limit of 3 minutes. This needs to be done independently. Please email me your child’s score for our records.

5 times table practise


We have started to look at incarnation and the birth of Jesus in the run up to Christmas. Below in the attachment is a number of phrases taken from John 1. Discuss these phrases and choose one to use as the basis of a Christmas card. Your design should depict the phrase and not be generic to what a Christmas card would necessarily normally have on the front.

RE phrases to choose from

Please note if your child can access Lexia or Mathletics at all please do.

Any problems, message me on Dojo or via email.

Mrs Wallis


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