4G Home learning 20/01/20


I hope you are all okay. I am attaching the work for Wednesday 20th January.

Wake up shake up

As it is a Wednesday, Joe Wicks will be completing his online PE lesson. I am attaching the link to this.



Yesterday, you considered the question ‘Should the white lion cub join the circus?’ You explored the different view points of the characters in the book. Today, we are going to conduct a debate. You are to decide whether you think the lion cub should join the circus or not and the reasons why you have thought this. This can be presented in written form or you could send a video of yourself explaining your views. As it is a debate I will ask questions in the feedback for you to consider.


Yesterday, we were learning about tenths- to find a tenth of a number you divide by 10. We are moving on to hundredths. Hundredths simply means out of 100. Hundredths can help us record fractions, decimals and percentages. I am attaching a power point for you to read through for support with your learning.

Lesson Presentation Tenths and Hundredths

As a warm up I am attaching a hundredths activity sheet for you to complete. 

Wednesday sheet 2 (1)

This worksheet is number sequencing and how we link hundredths to pound and pence.

Wednesday 100ths (2)

Rockstar maths 

Here is today’s rockstar maths sheet. 

Rockstar wed


Mrs Hibbard is posting some music activities for you. I am attaching the letter with the log in details for our class.

4G St George’s – letter (1)


Our new PSHE topic for this term is ‘How can we manage our feelings?’. Today, we will look at how we can recognise different feelings through body language and facial expressions. I am attaching a power point for you to look through and identify what each child is feeling in the photograph and why might they be feeling like that. 

Feelings Power point

I would like you to complete your own emotions wheel. In each segment either draw or write down what makes you feel that emotion. This a tool for you to be aware of your emotions and what can trigger certain emotions. If you wish to keep your emotion wheel confidential you are more than welcome to. Please  could you add a note on DOJO so we know you have done it. In class, no one will be asked to give their responses. However they may wish to share their answers.

Emotion wheel

If you have any questions please do not hesitate to contact us on DOJO or by emailing us at ks2@stgeorges.darlington.sch.uk

Stay safe,

Mrs Davidson and Mrs Wallis


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