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English – Look at this weeks new spellings. Familiarise yourselves with them, if you are unsure of their meaning use a dictionary to look up the meaning. Begin learning your spellings in preparation for your next test. Can you put your spellings into sentences?

Spellings 18.11.20

Comprehension activity – Read the texts and answer the questions based upon the text.


Ordering and measuring angles. If you have a protractor measure the angles for additional practise then order them from smallest to largest.

Order the angles

ordering angles reasoning

3D shapes – Familiarise yourself with 3D shapes using the PPT below. Can you record the properties from memory on the attached worksheet.



PSHE – As it’s antibullying week we will be looking at these scenarios. Which ones are bullying? Can you identify any? What would you do in that situation? How could you help others? Who could you talk to?

Create a helping hand once you have looked at the cards. Choose 5 people you could trust to help you – a helping hand.

Discussion cards

Helping hand


We will be looking at the famous Battle of Marathon in topic. Read through the Powerpoint – make any notes to help you. Complete the task below ordering the events of the battle chronologically.



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