4S Learning Activities 08.07.20

Good morning everyone. I hope you are all well.

Please find the next couple of days work set for you below.

Science Project:

  • The Solar System!

I would like you to research how many planets there are in our solar system. What are they called? Can you order them? Can you find out three facts about each planet? You can present your work in a PowerPoint, word or on paper. I would love to see these when you are finished so please feel free to forward this work onto ks2@stgeorges.darlington.sch.uk

Second activity:

Can you find out the following answers to these challenges?

  • Which planet orbits closest to the Sun?
  • Which planet has the highest maximum temperature?
  • Which planet has the shortest day?
  • Which planets are made of gas?
  • What is the Earth’s atmosphere made mostly of?

Third activity:

Choose a planet of your choice and create a paper-mache model of this planet. You will need a balloon, newspaper, glue and paint! Tell me why you have decided to choose this planet. Once you have finished please evaluate your work. What worked well? What did you find challenging? If you were to do this activity again, would you change anything? If so, what would you change?


Continuing with our work on time set on Monday please find below some activities around time conversions. The first two activities are around converting minutes to seconds. The other two activities are around converting days to hours. Please note these activities do increase with difficulty. Complete as many activities as you would like otherwise choose based on your child’s ability. Finally, I have also attached a mini test around units of time. Feel free to give this a go! 

Worksheet one

Worksheet two

Converting days to hours worksheet one

Converting days to hours challenge

Units of time challenge test


Reading comprehension activities. All activities are around words in context and their meaning. Please note that the activities increase with difficulty.

Worksheet 1

Worksheet 2

Worksheet 3

Worksheet 4

Worksheet 5

Worksheet 6

Worksheet 7

I will post again on Friday. Have a lovely day.

Thank you, Mrs Wallis 🙂

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