4S Learning activities 24.06.20

Good morning all,

Here are the activities for today’s home learning. 

Spelling Session 26


For maths, I would like the children to focus on division. I am attaching two options with varying difficulty. Complete both if you would like otherwise choose based on your child’s ability. 

Division activity level 1

Division activity level 2


For Literacy, I would like the children to write a news report. This could be something currently in the news; the opening of zoos, themeparks, hotels etc, something completely made up; a chocolate factory exploding etc. or something that has happened in your home; the last cookie stolen! 

The children are to write a newspaper article for this piece of chosen news. Remember to write in columns, include a headline, a ‘photograph’ of the event, and some punchy sentences.

You can then deliver a TV news report, think about how the reporters sit and speak, you could write a script to aid you in your delivery. It ought to be filmed, like it’s a real TV channel. If you do get chance to film, please send them in if you can. I’d love to see what you create.

 Thank you, 

Miss Parkington

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