5/6 S and 5G topic work.

Hi Everyone, below are the links for the Viking work and this weeks art work.


Children to look through the power point about the different justice systems and then complete the Anglo-Saxons and Vikings Vs Modern Britain Justice Systems Activity Sheet to show the similarities and differences between the Anglo-Saxon and modern British justice systems.

Lesson Presentation Laws and Justice

Anglo-Saxons and Vikings vs Modern Britain Justice Systems Activites


Viking Art

Children look through the  Viking works of art on the slides. Explain that one of the main features of Viking art is knots. This was also a feature of Celtic art and how the two styles are very closely linked. Children to follow the steps on the slides to create their own designs. You can either use the worksheet for your examples or design your own on a piece on paper.

Viking Art Slide2

Viking Art Work2


Here is the topic grid for all of the other foundation subjects so work through them throughout the week.

WK 01.03.21


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