6G 6S 18.6.20 D&T

Home learning focus

Learn the basics of anthropometrics and ergonomics.

This lesson includes:

  • two video clips demonstrating design contexts and design specifications

  • two activities to try at home

The relationship between anthropometrics and ergonomics needs to be understood so they can be successfully utilised by designers.

Anthropometrics is the practice of taking measurements of the human body and provides categorised data that can be used by designers.

Anthropometrics help designers collect useful data, eg average head circumferences that can be utilised when designing a safety helmet. In this example, as there is a large variation in size, the designer would know to build some adjustment into the safety helmet design.

Collecting maximum and minimum measurements about the target market’s sizes can help improve designs by making the product easier or more comfortable to use.

Ergonomics is how a person interacts with the product, incorporating the use of anthropometric data to improve the user experience.

It is is a consideration that leads to a product being designed in a way to make it easy to use through sizeweightshapeposition of buttons and controls, etc.

If a designer doesn’t use anthropometric data during the design process, it can lead to a poor user experience that causes discomfort, pain and potential injury.

Watch the videos on the link and the activties that follow:




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