6G 6S 28.04.20 Home Activities

Hi everyone, 

I am adding some spelling activities into the tasks that you can be working on. Remember that in Year 6, there is a list of common exception words that you need to learn how to spell before the end of the year.

I have included a list of the words in an assessment pack, along with some fun crosswords and word searches to help you practise:




year 5-6 Spelling List Word Search Initial Soun -Followed by Double Consonant

year 5-6-Spelling List Wordsearch Tricky Ending

year 5-6 Spelling List Word Search Double Consonant



I have also added a comprehension for you to access and practise your reading (it is rated in difficulty from one star – easy, to three stars -hard)

Earth Day Differentiated Reading Comprehension Activity


Keep smiling and working hard,

Mrs Cox and Mr I’Anson


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