6G Apprenticeship Visit from Cummins

Today we had a visit from some apprentices of Cummins. They talked to the children about the different jobs within Cummins and the different roles that people have within the company. They explained what they did and who they supply their products to. The children learned about emissions and how the engines are made. The children found out that they make engines for diggers, bulldozers, yachts, ships, lorries, trucks and dodge rams – as well as lots of other engines. The apprentices talked about how they gained their apprenticeships within Cummins.


The children also enjoyed seeing a Dodge Ram in the school car park. It was the first ever Dodge Ram that was imported to the UK. The first place it was built was in America. It runs on diesel and has an engine size of 6.7l and has 450 bhp. It weighs 498kg. It can tow up to 7.5tons – the same weight as a male elephant. They all got the opportunity to sit inside the Dodge Ram and try the horn. We really enjoyed our visit!


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