6G Home Learning 01/02/2021

Hi everyone,

Happy 1st of the month!! Please find today’s learning on this web post and the Dojo class story – all worksheets will be allocated to you via Class Dojo portfolios.

Collective Worship

This week is Children’s Mental Health Awareness Week so throughout the week, in a variety of lesson, we will be doing some work around this year’s theme ‘Express Yourself’.


Here are some activities you might enjoy:

Express Yourself Mindful Colouring Express Yourself Word Search

Daily Exercise: Remember to enjoy your daily active session. The link to PE with Joe is below but feel free to do whatever exercise you like.


Daily MusicWe love the 15 minutes of music session and hope you enjoy it too!


English: This week, I would like you to write and practise your spellings. Once you have written your spellings out, I would like you to write a sentence for each spelling word. Try to make them as interesting as possible –

Group 1 and 2: Revision words – quantity, category, loose, appetite, fertile, straight, glory, horror, mobile, organic, atomic, necessary, February, additional, library, capital, unique, century, gypsies, astronaut 

Group 3: Revision words – anywhere, cube, February, honest, howl, knock, price, shovel, watch, yellow

Maths: This week we will be starting work on algebra. Please watch the video below:


Y6-Spring-Block-3-D1-Find-a-rule-one-step-2019 (1)

T2-M-861-Year-6-Algebra-Introduction-to-Function-Machines-PowerPoint_ver_2 T-N-45396-Funky-Function-Machines-Activity-Sheet

Science:  Please find the link to this week’s science lesson.


Please complete the worksheet as you listen to the video: Science worksheet

There will be an additional science timeline activity sent out on the Dojo.


Mrs Cox

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