6G Home Learning 03.02.21

Hi everyone,

Please find today’s learning on this web post and the Dojo class story – all worksheets will be allocated to you via Class Dojo portfolios.

Collective Worship – Please enjoy this story about Jonah and the Whale


Daily Exercise: Today is our PE session on the afternoon. Remember to enjoy your daily active session – this can be whatever you like to do. In class at the moment, we are enjoying DJ Raphi’s new dance ‘Bubble’ as I know some of you at home are too:


English: We will be looking today at ‘The Book of Hopes’, inline with Mental Health Awareness week. Please enjoy reading the collection of words, poems and stories to comfort, inspire and entertain: https://issuu.com/bloomsburypublishing/docs/thebookofhopes_interactivepdf

Follow the link to see an interactive version of the book. Click on ‘The World through a Window’ by Lauren Child and have a good look at the image. Jot down some thoughts around the outside of the picture. Predict – what is she thinking? Feeling? How is this image linked to the idea of hope?

Text 1: ‘Stronger than Magic’ by Cerrie Burnell pg 173. Read up to ‘Its name quite simply is hope‘. However you would like to record this, please have a think about the author’s thoughts around hope so far. You can present the words identified in any way you choose: You could add images, write in different fonts/styles, group words, link words based on what you have read, and then link in your own ideas to the word hope. 

Text 2: ‘Blanket’ by Nicola Skinner on p.203. Ask yourself, based on the title before looking at any of the text – what are our associations with ‘Blanket’? How might this link to the theme of hope? 

Warm Up Activity

Read the whole text – complete the likes/dislikes/puzzles/patterns worksheet. In this grid, there are no right or wrong ideas. They are your thoughts around what puzzles you in the story, if you notice any patterns, what you like or dislike.

Blanket by Nicola Skinner

Maths: This week we will be starting work on algebra. Please watch the video below:




Forming expressions

Music: Today is music with Mrs Hibbard. Please find the log-in details for this below:

Go to https://www.DurhamOnlineMusic.co.uk/yumu 
Your username is: p1423447 
Your password is: opera


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