6G Home Learning 11.01.21

Hi everyone,

Here is today’s learning:

Collective Worship

Today’s Bible story is about our Christian Value, ‘Forgiveness’. It is a story that Jesus told others to show the importance of forgiveness:


Many philosophers and peace makers have offered their thoughts and wisdom on forgiveness too. Here is a quote for you to think about as you reflect on this Collective Worship:

“The weak can never forgive. Forgiveness is the attribute of the strong.”
Mahatma Ghandi


Your weekly spellings are:

Group 1 and 2

sacrifice, amateur, guarantee, controversy, cemetery, existence, category, mischievous, hindrance, convenience, privilege, neighbour

Group 3

different, experience, reign, recent, potatoes, famous, experiment, heart, believe, circle

With these spellings, I would like you to write a SUPER sentence for each on the Dojo, using as much description as possible. Try to use different sentence starters to vary your sentences.

On Friday, you will have a crossword to complete – this will check your understanding of the word and your spelling of the word too!


Grammar A: Use the PowerPoint to help you answer the questions on the worksheet.


Monday Grammar A

Grammar B: Use the PowerPoint to help you answer the questions on the worksheet.




Listen to the story (Chapter 1 to page 8) and answer these questions on the Dojo

Apologies that is over two videos as it only allows for five minutes per video!


Watch this video to help you understand today’s maths:





Australian artist Ken Done shows Kirsten O’Brien how he uses his simplified style of drawing and painting to capture the landmarks and places that most inspire his work. Ken Done composes a picture on site, using the landmark of Tower Bridge in London as the focus for his artwork. I would like you to watch this clip and have a go at creating your own landscape image – this can be using images of places you have been before. Remember to employ your imagination whilst drawing what you see.


I would love to see photos on the Dojo of your fantastic artwork – I can share them on the website for others to see too!


Mrs Cox

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