6G Home Learning 14.10.20

Hi everyone, 

Here is the work that you need to complete today:

Music with Mrs Hibbard – Please find instructions attached of how to access the music account:

6 G – letter

Here are the instructions from Mrs Hibbard:
There are 4 sections-
1 An album of Autumn listening, tomorrow I will be showing the class Beethoven’s VIth Symphony and then showing them how it has been sampled into some pop music  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=KjkWRwNz20Q  LOVE this!
2 Then there’s the Rhythm grid- there are three pre populated grids for them to play (clap) and then they can use the blank grid to create their own 4 bar rhythm. 
3 The Percussion writer is an extension exercise! See if they can follow the graphic score along to the Radetsky March! Choose an instrument, check the symbol in the key at the bottom and then follow the score and play along! 
4 I’ve also included the ‘Let your Spirit Fly’ song to sign and sing. We’ve done the whole song now so it would be good for them to recap and check they’ve remembered all of the signing. 


Maths – We practise our arithmetic paper. If you can go through them at home that would be great (answers are included on the back) but I know that you may not be able to go through all of the answers like we do at school, so I will go through them with you when you return


PE – This afternoon we will be completing our PE lesson. Everyone has already had the opportunity to play ‘wide attack’. It would be really helpful to work towards the skills in the attached document.


Mathletics and Lexia are up and running now so you can access this if you need additional work. Please contact me via email if you need login details. 


Mrs Cox

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