6G Home Learning 22/2.2021

Hi everyone,

Please find today’s learning on this web post and the Dojo class story – all worksheets will be allocated to you via Class Dojo portfolios.

Collective Worship: It is Fairtrade fortnight so over the next few days, we will be learning about and understanding the importance of Fairtrade. Please watch these videos to help you understand what Fairtrade is:



Daily Exercise: Remember to enjoy your daily active session – today we will focus on getting some of our daily steps in:

Here are today’s spelling list and spelling activity
Group 1 & 2: mn, ph, pn, rh

rhubarb, autumn, column, xylophone, rhapsody, rhombus, orphan, solemn, rhododendron, rhumba, rhyme, pneumatic, rheumatism, amphibian, pneumonia, atmosphere, rhinoceros, hymn, condemn, rhythm

Group 1 and 2

Group 3: Silent g and silent l

calf, calm, gnaw, gnash, gnome, half, palm, resign, sign, yolk

Group 3

Reading Comprehension: Please follow the link on the PowerPoint to read an extract from ‘Northern Lights’ by Philip Pullman. I would like you to work through the questions on the following slides and record your answers on Class Dojo portfolio, either by photo or text.
Northern Lights.pptx

Maths: Over the next couple of weeks, we will be looking at area, perimeter and volume. Please watch the video and answer the questions allocated on the Class Dojo portfolio



Problem Solving



Science:Please watch the video and work through the activities on the Dojo portfolio


science activity 1 science activity 2

Science activity 3 – to follow the instructions of how to create a zine. Spend the time then creating your zine based on the area that you would like from what you have learnt throughout our evolution and inheritance topic.

Mrs Cox

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