6G Home Learning 25.2.21

Hi everyone, 

Here is the learning for today!

To start with, we will have our zoom meeting at 9.00am – today we will learn about Jesus’ temptation in the desert. For those who are not on the zoom, please watch this video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mc-x4qKY6Wc     During this zoom call, we will also discuss the English session and the RE Session.

At 12 noon, we will have a second zoom call. This will be a story time, where we will start a new book for this half term.

Daily Exercise

There are many different classes and videos on Youtube for you to enjoy – we like ‘Get fit with Rick’ and ‘DJ Raphi’ in 6G, or maybe you could try a bit of yoga.

Daily Music

Follow the link for the 15 minutes of music from Durham Music Service: 

Persuasion – Please follow the link and complete the tasks in the video. I would like you to design your own healthy snack using the learning from the previous sessions around adverts. Think about a catchy slogan, how colourful it should be, what words you will use to tempt the reader to buying your product.
We are continuing our work on area and perimeter. Please watch the video and complete the worksheet:
I want you to ask yourself this question in today’s lesson – Why be generous? What Would Jesus Do?
• Consider the value and importance of being generous with time and money and giving to/working for a charity: I would like you to look at two examples
of Christian practice; for example, you might research projects to help homeless people, to help families with young children, to help older people or to help poor people through a food bank. How does reflecting on ‘What would Jesus do?’ guide Christian people and communities today? What
value is there in thinking about Jesus’ example when setting up and working in these projects? 
I want you to think about other religions and non-religious people who might be generous too, for example, by running food banks. What are the similarities and differences between different groups’ reasons for generosity? Try to record your ideas – this could be as a mind map or in a table comparing the different reasons why people may be generous but try to focus on how Jesus’ teachings have influenced the Christians in their projects.
Mrs Cox

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