6G Home Learning – Class Fun (and work)

Good morning everyone,

I thought it would be a lovely idea to have a weekly post to show off what we have all been doing at home in a way to keep in touch with each other.

For anyone who completes their packs that were sent home during the holidays and wants something extra to do, here is an activity grid to keep you going:

Task board for school closure

Here are some of the fantastic activities that you have all been up to:

Gabi’s beautiful rainbow watercolour ?,

Daisy’s fantastic home-made slime rainbow,

Garvey and Fleur’s very impressive Rob Biddulph art lesson,


Charlie’s great PowerPoint on Fossils

Cole has written a fantastic book review and Ruby S has been drawing portraits of her family and has created a fantastic lava lamp from the STEM activities that were sent out this week 

I hope you have a fantastic Easter! Although I won’t be adding anything else on the app during the holiday period, please send photographs in and let me know if you’re happy for them to be shared and I will have a lovely update after the fortnight’s break! 

Take care everyone and stay safe,

Mrs Cox ??


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