6G World Book Day 04.03.2021

Hi everyone,

Thursday is World Book Day 2021 – a celebration of the joy of reading, where we can focus on reading for pleasure and complete lots of fun activities. Reading for pleasure is the single biggest indicator of a child’s future success – more than their family circumstances, their parents’ educational background or their income.

I wanted to give you the opportunity to read through the activities that you can choose to complete at home – throughout the week, or on Thursday!

To start with our 9am zoom will be focussed on reading and I hope the children will bring their favourite book recommendation to share with the class. 

Remember it would be lovely to see you dressed up as your favourite character on the school zoom session!

Below are a list of activities:

Writing Activities

  • Turn part of your favourite story into a comic strip
  • Write a book review
  • Write a letter to your favourite character/author
  • Plan and write your own story
  • Write a character description of your favourite character
  • Write an alternative ending to your favourite story
  • Rate the books out of ten that you have at home (you could record this instead of writing)

Reading activities

  • Take a photo of you reading in a funny setting
  • Record and audio/video of you reading your favourite picture book (or chapter from your favourite story). It would be lovely if you could send these to my email throughout the week and I could upload them to the school website for the rest of the school to listen to


  • Find out about the author of the book and their life – you could create a timeline of events


  • Design a new book cover
  • Create a new ‘book nook’
  • Design a ‘book cover’ rock art that you could then hide in places around the village on your daily walk for your friends to spot
  • Design a World Book Day bookmark


  • Create a word cloud based on your favourite story
  • Write a blog for one of the characters
  • Create a social media page for your favourite character – I wonder what they would post/tweet about


  • Dress up as your favourite character
  • Create the best reading snack plate to enjoy whilst reading
  • Create a food menu based on your favourite story/character
  • Cook a book inspired menu for your lunch/dinner


Please upload any work to the Dojo that is completed based on World Book Day or send to my email: scox@stgeorges.darlington.sch.uk as I would love to share the work that all of the children have created with the rest of the school on a display and the website.

Thanks, Mrs Cox

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