Black History Month October 13.10.21

Today, we have been learning about an amazing chemist called Alice Ball. Alice found the answer to a very tricky problem. Doctors had found out that the oil from a plant would be able to cure leprosy but they didn’t know how to give the medicine to people because our bodies are made mostly of water and oil does not mix with water. Alice worked out that you need to have another liquid to mix in the water and oil to help them mix together. Unfortunately, after finding the cure, Alice died and was not credited with this work until recently. Someone else said that the idea was theirs! We think Alice deserves a great award and recognition for what she did so we have designed our own that are now on display.

Ethan: I can see shadows underneath the oil.

Benjamin: Look at how the small bits of oil join back up with the big bit.

Chloe: We can’t mix it together. It doesn’t work.

Charlie: If a ship crashes the oil goes into the sea.

Joseph: Oil can hurt the fish because they can’t breathe properly. 

Warren: Even if we stir it so fast, it won’t mix up!

Martha: It floats along the top.

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