Class 4/5S – 07.01.21 – Home Learning

Good morning Class 4/5S. All your work has been individually assigned for you on your student portfolio. All resources that match up to each lesson and activity that has been assigned can be found below. 

07.01.21 – Year 4 Maths – Multiply 3 digit by 1 digit –

Year 4 Maths Worksheet


07.01.21 – Year 5 Maths – Multiply 2 digits by 2 digits 

Year 5 Maths Worksheet

Year 5 Maths worksheet – additional practice 

Note: Multiplying 2 digits by 2 digits may be new to some of you and therefore you need to be resilient and keep trying as you might not understand the first time.


07.01.21 – English – Spelling and Grammar

Today’s English is from the Oak Academy but we have a break from Ms Johnson as Ms Madden is teaching some grammar. We will be exploring the four types of sentences.Please find the lesson via the video link below.
If you usually have subtitles on, please go to CC on the video and turn captions off otherwise the answers will be on the screen for the spelling starter task!

07.01.21 – Art & Design – Anglo-Saxon artifact.

Your foundation task today is to research information about Anglo Saxon art and design using the information slides and the BBC link below. 
Information Slides
Design worksheet 1
Design worksheet 2
You then need to design either: 
• A brooch • A buckle • A piece of jewellery e.g. necklace • An artifact of your choice! 

You can draw this on paper or make it 3D using junk modelling or any craft materials you may have at home. Then upload a photo of it. I look forward to seeing your designs.

Just to make you all aware, I am still working full time teaching the key worker children so I will respond to any messages and give feedback to the children as soon as I can. 
Kind regards
Mr Mackenzie 

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