Class 4/5S – 11.01.21 – Home Learning

Good morning Class 4/5S,

I hope you all had a nice weekend and are looking forward to week 2 of remote learning.

A slight change this week in regards to the topic activities. A topic grid will be uploaded at the start of each week which has various foundation subject activities to choose from. All worksheets and resources for these lessons will be uploaded in one post on the school website, so they are all in one place. The worksheets and information slides will match up with the topic grid.

A similar format was used in the last lockdown and it seemed to work well for parents. This gives the option to plan ahead and focus on certain topics each day. For example, if you want to do a science investigation, but don’t have the materials, you could locate the materials and complete the lesson towards the end of the week.

This also gives the children a choice and they can choose which topic activity to complete for that day. It is suggested that the children just complete one topic activity per day. However, this is completely up to you, if you decide to have a topic day and then catch up on Maths and English another day that is also completely fine. Whatever works best for you as a family.

Although the topic activities won’t be assigned on the children’s Class Dojo Student portfolios. I still encourage them to upload their work and hand in via their student portfolios. This can be done via their journal, worksheet or uploading a photo, depending on how they have completed the work and can be done anytime.

Daily Maths and English lessons will still be assigned to the Student Portfolios and uploaded each day. These can be accessed now. An additional worksheet for each year group is also available below if the children want a challenge.

Please note all Maths worksheets are ‘write on’ sheets (more space for answers) so if you are printing them on paper, ensure you go to advanced print settings and choose ‘fit to paper’ otherwise they will be too big for the page.

There will be some work assigned on Mathletics at some point this week so if you do not have access to your username and password, please let me know and I will get them for you.


Maths Worksheet – Year 4

Maths Worksheet – Year 5

Maths Worksheet – Year 4 Extension

Maths Worksheet – Year 5 Extension

Any questions, feel free to ask. The topic grid will be posted shortly so keep a lookout.

Kind regards

Mr Mackenzie

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