Class 4/5S- 13.01.21 – Music with Mrs Hibbard

Hello (again) Class 4/5S, 

In addition to your topic lessons each week, (the topic grid) can be found on Monday’s post and on the Home Learning page.

Mrs Hibbard will be continuing to provide Music lessons for the children every Wednesday. There will be songs for the children to learn and sing, as well as additional activities to complete. These activities can be accessed through the Durham Online Music website (link below) using the ‘Charanga Yumu’ platform. 

Login – Durham Music Service (

Class 4/5S have been provided with a log in (we all use the same one) which the children can log in to and access a video from Mrs Hibbard herself as well as new activities every Wednesday. The log in details are below. Just click on the link above and log in with the details. 

Username: p1635763 

Password: staccato

I have also attached the invite letter below. I understand some of the children may already have their own individual l YUMU account if they play a instrument in school. This also explains what to do if you already have an account. Although you can also use the Class 4/5S log in above.

YUMU – Invite Letter – Class 4/5S

The key worker children in school will be also accessing music with Mrs Hibbard, however they can still log in for any extra practice. 

Have fun and remember to stand or sit up tall when singing!

Mr Mackenzie

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