Class 4/5S – 14.01.21 – Home Learning

Good morning Class 4/5S, here we go again with the snow!

Your Maths and English work has been individually assigned to your Class Dojo Student Portfolio’s. 

Before completing today’s English work, ensure that you have completed yesterday’s spelling and definition task. Remember to click ‘hand in’ even if you have done so on paper, so I can approve it and it’s not stuck in your ‘To Do’ section of your portfolio. 

I have attached the worksheets for Maths below, take your time to think with the reasoning work and don’t rush. There are multiple answers for some of the questions, so try and get as many as you can. Use a separate sheet to do your working out. 

Maths – Year 4 Reasoning worksheet

Maths – Year 5 Reasoning worksheet

Remember to complete the activities that you haven’t done yet from the Topic Grid that was posted earlier in the week. This can be found on the link below.

We would normally have PE in school on a Thursday, so can you go outside in the snow and get some exercise. Play in the snow, build a snowman or make a snow angel! (ask parents permission first and wear some old clothes!). You could even go sledging if your lucky enough to have one. 

If you don’t want to go outside in the cold, you still have time to take part in the ‘Leftover Chocolate Challenge’ still a lot of you who haven’t entered. I think you are all scared that you won’t beat me. You can upload a video on your Class Dojo portfolio under the ‘Leftover Chocolate Challenge’ activity. 

Have fun!

Mr Mackenzie

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