Class 4/5S – 26.01.21 – Home Learning – Classroom Challenge 3

Good morning Class 4/5S, 

Tuesday means one thing and that’s another classroom challenge. This week we have the ‘Bounce, Throw, Clap, Catch’ challenge. Another congratulations to our previous winners, Charlotte, Honor and Jack L. 

Will you be the next classroom challenge winner? 

For this challenge, all you need is a ball and a timer. The ball needs to bounce so a tennis ball would be ideal or something similar. You have 60 seconds to bounce the ball, throw the ball above your head, clap once, before catching the ball and repeating the process as many times as you can. If you drop the ball or miss the clap then this does not count, just start again from the bounce.

Watch the video below for a demonstration, this challenge takes skill, but also concentration. Don’t get muddled up like I do half way through and forget when to clap! I scored 27 catches in 60 seconds, can you beat me and beat the rest of your classmates ?

P.s: There is an image of Bruno Fernandes celebrating on the whiteboard because I wanted to remind all the Liverpool fans in the class of the 3-2 result on Sunday. What a freekick! 

Have fun competing! Get practising and upload your video on the activity titled ‘Bounce, Throw, Clap, Catch Challenge’ on your individual Class Dojo Student portfolios. 

Click here to watch the video.

Have fun 

Mr Mackenzie 

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