Class 4/5S – 26.01.21 – Home Learning – Maths and English

Hello, just me again. 

After all the excitement for the new classroom challenge, you still need to complete your Maths and English. All activities have been assigned individually on your Class Dojo Student Portfolios. 

Remember you should be continuing with your daily independent reading and accessing Lexia, Mathletics and TT rockstars if you get all your work completed. The topic grid was uploaded yesterday so ensure you choose one foundation subject each day and complete one of the tasks. There are extension worksheets for you workaholics too.

Please note some of the Maths work below will not match up to certain individual student portfolios as some work is differentiated. 

Today is Tuesday, so we should complete our weekly spelling test. Don’t forget to send in your scores. You will receive your new weekly spellings tomorrow. 

26.01.21 – English – Features of a persuasive letter.

Today’s English comes from the National Oak Academy with Mr Brown. In this lesson you will understand the different features of a persuasive letter. We will be learning all about what it meant to persuade someone and look closely at the features of a persuasive letter. This is the first of a series of lessons which will lead to writing our own persuasive letters.


26.01.21 – Maths – Year 4 – Perimeter of Rectilinear Shapes – Year 4 Maths Worksheet 

Yesterday’s lesson focused on calculating the perimeter of rectangles, today’s lesson is finding the perimeter of rectilinear shapes. The video below will help remind you of what rectilinear shapes are. Please watch the video before completing the assigned worksheet.

26.01.21 – Maths – Year 5 – Area of Compound Shapes – Year 5 Maths Worksheet

Yesterday’s lesson focused on finding the area of rectangles which was fairly straightforward. Today’s lesson explores the area of compound shapes which is a little bit trickier. Please watch the video below for an explanation and have a go at completing the assigned worksheet. Remember to partition each shape to work out the area of the whole compound shape. Have a go and try your best.

Keep up the hard work!

Mr Mackenzie

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