Class 5/6S and 5G Home Learning – 04/03/21

Hello everyone

It was great to see you all on the Zoom meeting yesterday, only a few more days until we all return to school and you can see many of your friends for the first time in ages.

Today’s Zoom Meeting will again be at 11:30.

Today, as I’m sure you’re aware, is World Book Day. It therefore gives a wonderful opportunity for us to share with others the fantastic books that we have all read throughout the years. As a result, your tasks today are going to be a little different to normal.

Task One

First of all, we wish you to write a book review for a novel of your choice. The review needs to be a simple summary of the story, including the names of all main characters and any important settings. To add extra information, you can add the fiction genre of your book, the date it was published and a rating out of 100. Remember also to include the authors name. Try to write your review in around 200 words.

Task Two

Design a front cover for your favourite book. They say you should never judge a book by looking at its cover but it is certainly much easier to sell a book that has an interesting and eye-catching front cover than one that is dull and uninspiring. Therefore, you need to design a bright, vibrant and exciting front cover that will appeal to potential readers. Remember to include the title of your book (in bold writing with no spelling m1st@ke3) and the name of the author. 

Task Three

Write the blurb. The blurb is the very brief summary that can be found on the back cover of a book. It is very short and concise, usually around 50 words. The blurb is used to promote the book, it is trying to persuade and encourage people to buy it. A good blurb will make the book sound exciting and interesting without revealing too much of the plot.

Remember to constantly proof read, edit and improve your work. Check your spellings as you go and use a thesaurus to choose some interesting vocabulary.

Thanks for all your hard work.

Any problems, please get in touch.

Mr I’Anson and Mr Tunstall

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