Consultation Meeting – Proposal to consider joining Durham and Newcastle Diocesan Learning Trust

Dear Parents / Carers,


Recently there has been much discussion, and information sent to Trust Boards by the Regional Schools Commissioners (RSC ) and the Department for Education (DFE ), urging us to consider our options to grow Trusts to ensure the greatest strength and sustainable futures for our schools. One of the options for the future is to join with another Trust in order to access wider networks and greater partnership working across more schools for the benefit of all of our children and staff. 

SaGe MAT Board of Directors have had ongoing discussions regarding this matter and have carefully considered the best route for us to take, including the possibility of growth through having other academies or MATs joining us.  After detailed research the Board has decided that the best move for our academies, our children and our staff would be for SaGe MAT to join with the Durham and Newcastle Diocesan Learning Trust (‘the DNDLT’).   The DNDLT currently comprises 9 Church of England Primary Schools including several within the Darlington area and others across Teeside and County Durham.  The DNDLT is directly linked to the Diocese of Durham and Newcastle whose team of staff already know and support our schools.  We feel our vision aligns with their ultimate vision to ensure “Every child matters and no child is left behind“ and their approach is to support and offer a wider network of collaboration whilst viewing each school within the Trust as unique and intrinsically part of its local community.  More information on the DNDLT is available on their website at   

As a consequence of this decision in principle we would now like to look more closely into whether joining the Durham and Newcastle Diocesan Learning Trust would be in the best interests of the children, teachers and staff within SaGe.  This decision triggers a timetable of actions including consultation with yourselves, staff and all stakeholders. The RSC (Head Teacher Board) also have to agree this proposal and a legal process then has to be undertaken to facilitate the change.

We now want to ensure we obtain the views of you as parents and carers, as well as the wider community.  We are therefore holding a consultation meeting after school on 14th December 2021 where representatives of SaGe, the school and DNDLT will be on hand to discuss this proposal with attendees.


In light of Covid restrictions and our risk assessments we would like to ensure we are able to manage numbers of people attending this meeting.  In light of this please can you confirm using the form below if you would like to attend in person or would wish to set up a separate virtual appointment.   The meeting will start at 4.45pm and it may be we need to agree staggered appointment times depending on numbers interested. The event will be fairly informal allowing all parents / carers/community members an opportunity to ask questions. We have included some background information with this letter along with a feedback form which we request that you complete and return to us.


We want and value your feedback and would urge you to respond to this consultation which will end on 7 January 2022. Please could you return the reply slip below – or email the school office – stating if you are planning to attend so that we can ensure we operate this meeting in line with our Covid risk assessments. 






Ann Williams

Chair of the Trust





Consultation Meeting – Proposal to consider joining Durham and Newcastle Diocesan Learning Trust




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